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Month: April 2021

The Very Personal Journey Of A RVH Supporter

I’m going to tell you about a journey. As a mother, this wasn’t a journey I ever thought I would have to talk about. In 2012 my daughter began demonstrating behaviour very different from her usual outgoing personality around the age of 15.

The Women & Children’s Shelter of Barrie

My name is Sharon and I want to tell you my story about The Women & Children’s Shelter of Barrie. We will start with the end and that was in January 2012. I did not even realize it was happening – it was more emotional and subtle psychological abuse.

What Does Someone With Mental Illness Look Like?

Hi there. I’m Natalie Harris and I’m a City Councilor in Barrie. I have a question for you. What does someone with mental illness look like? What if I told you that someone could look like me? I battled with depression, anxiety, PTSD and addiction.

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